Courtney (Traveling Artist)

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About Courtney

Hey everyone! I’m Courtney Veazey, a tattoo artist at Beats N Tatts. I’m 27 years young. Born in Wichita, Kansas, which is still home to me, but I grew up here in Omaha, NE where I’ve spent most of my days. I have been lucky enough to travel around though. I’ve also lived in Michigan for a while and Florida. Down in Miami, I learned how to tattoo and it’s been my passion for a while now.
         I have always loved art in any form. My favorite form of art is drawing. I have drawn since I could hold a pencil. When I was twelve years old, I learned how to draw photorealistic images, mostly portraits which are my favorite thing to draw now. Growing up, everyone told me I should do something with my art, and here I am today. I have now been tattooing for almost two and a half years. I am grateful to all of my clients for letting me mark their skin with my designs, or theirs. Being a tattoo artist is very rewarding. I have made people feel great in their skin. I have covered scars, and horrible tattoos that came along with horrible memories. I have been able to make tributes, and honor loved ones lost, or even people still around fighting cancer, or whatever battles they may come across today. People get tattoos for many different reasons. With that, comes working with many different people. I love being around people, talking with them, and doing my best to connect with them and to make it an all around comfortable and unforgettable experience when you book a tattoo with me.
         Although, I would love to specialize in portraits when it comes to tattooing, and I’m sure I will get there some day, I don’t have a specialty yet. I take on all styles of tattooing. I love to do tattoos with color. I love doing bold, traditional style tattoos. I’m great with script, and beautiful faces. Creepy faces or skulls too! I do henna style tattoos with patterns and dot work, watercolor style, and more. I love doing original work, and in my opinion, makes for an even better tattoo. But I will do whatever my client wants. I am open to any outside of the box ideas that you have, and I can turn it into a cohesive piece, that fits your body perfectly and will be made just for you. Check out some of my work, and book an appointment right away, you’ll be glad you did. Thanks for reading!

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Courtney’s Inks

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